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Product sheet
Operating manual
Range until 5km (line of sight), until 3km (without line of sight)
Frequency 868 MHz (EU)
Digital outputs 12 (Standard), 2 (Pole turner), 8 (Optional)
Switching capacity relay 8A / 16A @ 8..36VDC / 400VAC
Analog outputs 2 (4..20mA), 1 (0..24V), 1 (0..10kOhm)
Digital inputs 14 (Standard), 8 (Optional)
Analog inputs 5 (4..20mA), 1 (0..10V), 1 (0..10kOhm), 6 (Optional)
Input voltage 12VDC, 24VDC, 230VAC, 400VAC
Availability on demand
Applications high power slurry pumps, Irrigation pumps, Machine control, HMI...

Wireless remote controls with touch display

The ProfiPilot is designed especially for applications in agriculture to be able to operate and monitor pumps, machines, plants etc. The ProfiPilot has a 7” touch display, which is installed in the tractor , hauling device and via a wireless connection one receives the revolutions, flow through, status etc. of the remote pump. In particular with the ProfiPilot contractors can operate and monitor the whole pump, machine or plant from the tractor. One receives in a cycle the required information about pressure, flow through, slider setting etc. in real time on the 7” touch display and one can adapt the pump capacity to the conditions such as terrain, viscosity of the slurry etc.