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Product sheet
Operating manual
Range 700m
Frequency 868 MHz
Availability on demand
Applications slurry systems, water supply, irrigation systems, pond systems, flood protection

Automatic pumping – simple and safe

The NiveauPilot has been specially developed to automate smaller pump systems easily and cost-effectively. With automatic level monitoring, accidents caused by overfilled liquid storage tanks are now a thing of the past.
The NiveauPilot uses float switches to continuously monitor the filling level of the liquid storage tank to be filled. The device continuously transmits the measured level by radio to a receiver. The receiver in turn switches off the pump as soon as the maximum level is reached.

The NiveauPilot works autonomously and does not require any electrical connections. The device supplies itself with energy around the clock via a solar cell and an integrated battery. This allows the user to use the NiveauPilot wherever he or she needs it. Whether at a fixed location or changing whenever monitoring is required, whether for seasonal or temporary reasons.
If a radio interruption occurs during operation, the pump switches off automatically. Safety is therefore guaranteed at all times.
In the standard version, the NiveauPilot works together with a MiniPilot receiver. The NiveauPilot can be connected to the desired MiniPilot receiver with a single push of a button.

This product is IoT compatible. learn more