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Easily connects machines to each other over long distances by wireless technology

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Range until 20km (line of sight)
Frequency 434 MHz / 868 MHz @ 500mW
Input voltage 12VDC, 24VDC
Connection RS485
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Applications Remote control, data communication, Monitoring, PLC wireless remote connection

Wireless moden for your SPS

The ModemPilot is a wireless modem which was designed especially for data transmission over long distances. Through the open RS485 interface one can integrate the wireless modem into any SPS and for Beckhoff controls a library and example project are already available. Through integration in your SPS you are in a position to create as many wireless networks as you wish and to operate over long distances. We will be glad to help with the integration or implementation of your project.


The ModemPilot can be integrated into our normal wireless systems such as AgroPilot, MultiPilot or AquaPilot or into your own SPS. If you wish to bridge wireless distances greater than 3km this can be done by correct positioning of the antenna up to 20 km. Here the antenna must be mounted on a roof or a mast to maintain optimal reception. So that one can still install the receiver box or SPS controls in the machine. special waterproof and weatherproof detached antennas (ModemPilot) have been developed. The Modelpilot can be positioned up to 100m away from the controls.

The casing was designed in such a way that it can be mounted with U screws to a mast or suitable pipe. This allows rapid and efficient assembly and lowers installation costs.

This product is IoT compatible. learn more