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1985Meier Fredi designs a wireless remote control for switching on and off the slurry pump for his brother.
1986Delivery of several wireless remote controls to his neighbours
1986Design of a professional wireless remote control especially for agricultural use by Meier Fredi
1987Bakom approval for the AgroPilot
1988Series production of the AgroPilot commences
1990Design of the MultPilot for special applications
1992Recruitment of staff and expansion of controls production
1995Design of the TelePilot for  control using the telephone
1997First fan belt coupling controlled by the AgroPilot
2000Renewal of the AgroPilot
2001Renewed inspection of the wireless devices according to the latest norms
2003Special wireless controls with adjustable speed adjustment for lorry applications
2004Design of detached antennas for additional range
2005Special wireless controls for fibre optic cable for faultless operation of frequency converters
2006Expansion of the control production on account of increased demand.
2009Founder Fredi Meier retires and sells the company to Markus Kurmann
2009Markus Kurmann, owner and CEO defines an innovation and growth strategy
2009Start of strategy implemention
2009Design begin of a new AgroPilot with message transfer and integrated SPS
2010Continued expansion of the controls department
2010Soft starter standard controls for agitators
2010Frequency converter for pumps with three speeds/revolutions
2010Introduction of additional standard products in the controls sector
2011Field trials of the first prototypes of the new wireless remote controls
2012Trials and certification of the new wireless remote controls
2012Successful field tests of the new wireless remote controls in the field
2012Official introduction of the new system at Agrama
2013TelePilot and MultiPilot systems transferred to a new platform
2014Authorised distribution partner Hofer Anton Maschinenhandel for Italy
2013First ForestPilot wireless remote controls delivered for single drum winches
2013First AquaPilot systems for water supplies are installed successfully
2013Authorised distribution partner Perwolf Güllentechnik GmbH for Austria
2014Innovative, energy-conserving, level-independent winged agitator controls developed and installed
2014First pump controls with its own smartphone app (SmartPilot) installed successfully
2014Introduction of a MiniPilot wireless remote control for the low-cost market
2014Authorised distribution partner Laubenbacher Agrar GmbH for Germany
2014First rear-view camera (CameraPilot) driven by rechareable batteries installed successfully
2014Authorised distribution partner Slurry Squip Ltd. for New Zealand and Australia
2014First ProfiPilot systems successfully installed at Hans Meier AG and Entranord contractors
2015Relocation to the new, large commercial facilities in Buttisholz
2016Formulation and development of the IoT strategy for the coming years (Internet of Things)
2017First prototype IoTPilot and start web portal development ThingsPilot
2018Development of first prototype IoTPilot-Pump in cooperation with our sales partner Hans Meier AG
2019Start of series production of our IoTPilot devices Alarming and Multi
2020Revision ProfiPilot device family also with touch display on receiver side
2020Foundation of the Meier-IoT division for separate marketing