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Product sheet
Operating manual
Range until 3km (without line of sight)
Frequency 434 MHz (CH) / 868 MHz (EU)
Digital outputs 8 (Standard), 9..1024 (Optional)
Switching capacity relay 8A / 16A @ 400VAC
Analog outputs optional (4..20mA, 0..10V usw.)
Digital inputs 8 (Standard), 9..1024 (Optional)
Analog inputs optional (4..20mA, 0..10V usw.)
Input voltage 12VDC, 24VDC, 230VAC, 400VAC
Availability from stock (Standard) / 2-4 days delivery time (Spezial)
Applications Pumps, Agitator, Irrigation...

Wireless remote control for agriculture

The AgroPilot is designed expecially with the needs of agriculture in mind and has a large number of capabilities and extensions. The wireless remote controls is well suited for slurry pumps water pumpt and irrigation plants in order to switch on and of valaves over very large distances. The wireless device is highly expandable and can be perfectly adapted to your application. With the AgroPilot wireless and automation functions are integrated into one device. Standard devices are also available, however.

The robust, high-quality transmitter is impact resistant adn watertight and is suitable for use in tough conditions both internally and outside. The excellent ergonomics of the transmitter faciliates operation wearing glooves and the tactile push buttons facilitate fatique-free operation. The 12 backlit buttons display messages from the receiver and can be separately programmed. They allow perfect status display of the system. The aluminium front panel can be laser written individually and is indestructible.


The transmitter is operated with normal 3xAA battieres and is user firendly and inexpensive. The battery compartment is screwed on and has a ventilation membrane which is watertight to a depth of 1m. If the device falls into the water, it floats and remains watertight.
Optionally for frequent use one can fit fit the transmitter with an exchangeable lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which allows over 10h of continuous operation. As charger a 230VAC mains adapter or a 12VDC cigarette light mains adapter is available. The rechargeable battery does not have to be removed from the transmitter for recharging as the cable can be connected directly to the transmitter and the rechargeable batteries are loaded during operation. This avoids interruption to operation.
The integarated belt clip on the back of the transmitter ensures it is easy to carry.


If the transmitter has a rechargeable battery option. one can mount additionally a front panel mounting. The front panel mounting (goose-neck mounting) has a robust, lockable vacuum plate as a permanent mounting. The mounting is designed especially for the front panels of tractors, hauling machines or cars.


The receiver supports almost any voltage range and is directly approved for 400V~ mains supply. The robust, weatherproof version of the receiver can be operated with an additional control cabinet thus saving significant costs. The relay outputs can switch inductive loads of up to 16A @ 400VAC and are connected with user-friendly double deck terminal blocks. The system complies with the latest norms and is approved for the European market.


The receiver base plate has numerous mounting holes and in addition mounting sets for DIN rails, tab or magnetic mounting are available. This allows speedy and efficient mounting of the system.



If you want to bridge wireless distances greater than 3km, this can be achieved for up to 7km through corresponding positioning of the antenna. For this the antenna must be mounted on a roof, silo or a mast to ensure optimal reception. However, in order to be able to install the receiver box on the machine, a specially designed antenna (ModemPilot) has been designed for the AgroPilot which can be positioned ata distance of up to 100m.
In addition, one can combine the detached antenna and the Agropilot with normal SPS’s (Beckhoff, Siemens, AllenBradley, B&R). This allows for unlimited options for digital and analog inputs and outputs.

The AgroPilot facilitates complete, comprehensive and inexpensive automation solutions. The AgroPilot receiver can, for example, be extended with a touch display for use as emergency controls or parameter input.


The AgroPilot optionally can be ordered with an integrated CoDeSys SPS according to IEC 61131-3. This faciitates programming of the AgroPilot and development of ones own products.  Furthermore, the AgroPilot can be supplemented with digital inputs, a GSM modem or a configurable linear drive. The AgoPilot is a very flexible flexible platform and offers almost limitless functional scope.


Fully integrated automation solutions from a single source are our specialty und help you to design coss-effective solutions along with your contact person.  Our platform-based control design allows for rapid implementation of frequency converion, softstart, star-delta or combined controls.  All perfectly adapted to each other with a minimum of interfaces.

Our products are deployed in the most various of machines and areas.

All versions are available for 12VDC, 24VDC, 230VAC or 400VAC. This allows operation of the wireless remote controls without addtional components directly on tractors, hauling devices, lorries or on the 230/400V mains supply.

  • Standard (6 relay channels for pumps, sliders, reflux, agitators, reserve and integrated horn)
  • Multi-functional (8 relay channels for any software connections such as special power take-off controls, time-limited valve control etc.)
  • SPS (with limitless inputs and outputs and connections, i.e. for pressure regulation, temperature monitoring, compressor monitoring, bypass controls, air expulsion etc.)
  • Profi (with 7” control touch terminal for visualised use of the pump of the hauling devicetractor. Display of pressure, revolutions, temperature, fill level, slider position etc.. Many solutions can be found. Here see our ProfiPilot)
  • SmartApp (operation using visualised smartphone app with limitless inputs and outsputs and software connections for iPhone or android devices. Display of pressure, revolutions, temperature, fill level, slider position etc. Many solutions can be found. See here our SmartPilot)
  • 3G (3 throttle levels for frequency conversion controls)
  • GL (changing throttle position by linear motor, throttle level set by a potentiometer)
  • MK (magnet coupling and optional coupling monitoring through PTC, NTC or Klixon)
  • KL (fan belt coupling using linear motor for soft coupling and de-coupling including end switch monitoring)
  • ZW (power take-off controls of any tractor type)
  • SD (changing throttle control using linear motor with stepless setting of revolutions)