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Range unlimited / worldwide
Frequency Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Digital outputs 8 (Standard), 9..1024 (Optional)
Switching capacity relay 8A / 16A @ 400VAC
Analog outputs optional (4..20mA, 0..10V usw.)
Digital inputs 8 (Standard), 9..1024 (Optional)
Analog inputs optional (4..20mA, 0..10V usw.)
Input voltage 12VDC, 24VDC, 230VAC, 400VAC
Availability from stock (Standard) / 2-4 days delivery time (Spezial)
Applications Heating control, Monitoring, Alarming. Pumpe control, Pump controller...

Wireless remote controls for telemetry

The TelePilot has been specially developed for telemetry tasks and has a wide range of functions and extensions. The telephone receiver unit is ideal for switching pumps, heaters, irrigation systems, lighting etc. on and off via smart phone. In addition, the system can process inputs and sends alarms by SMS, email or telephone calls. The telephone receiver unit can be expanded almost indefinitely and can therefore be optimally adapted to your application. TelePilot combines telemetry and automation in one device. However, standard devices are also available.

The receiver supports almost any voltage range and is approved for direct 400V~ mains supply and is connected using the user-friendly double level clamps. On account of the robust, weatherproof receiver it can be operated without an additional switching cabinet thus saving costs. The system complies with the latest norms and is approved for the European market.


The receiver base plate has numerous mounting holes and there is an additional mounting set for DIN rails, tabs or magnetic mounting. Thus the system can be mounted rapidly and efficiently.


With the telephone receiver unit one can create complete cost-effective automation solutions. The telephone receiver unit can be complemented with a touch display for use as emergency controls or parameter setting.


Optionally, the telephone receiver unit can be ordered with an integrated CoDeSys SPS according to IEC 61131-3. This allows you to programm the MultiPilot yourself and to develop your own products. Furthermore, the telephone receiver unit can be extended with digital inputs or GSM modem or a confiigurable linear motor. The telephone receiver unit is a very flexible platform amd offers unlimited functional scope.



Our products are used in a wide variety of machines and devices.

All versions are available for 12VDC, 24VDC, 230VAC or 400VACr. This allows operation of the wireless remote controls without additional components directly on tractors, hauling devices, lorries or from the 230/400V mains supply.

  • Standard (6 relay channels for pump, slider, agitator, reserve and horn)
  • Multifunctional (8 relay channels with unlimited software connections, for example, for special p.t.o. shaft control, time-limited valve control etc.)
  • SPS (with unlimited inputs and outputs and connections, for example, for pressure regulation, temperature monitoring, compression control, bypass control, air evacuation etc.)
  • 3G (3 throttle levels for frequency converter controls)
  • GL (throttle setting using the linear motor, throttle levels adjustable via the parameters)
  • MK (magnetic coupling)
  • SD (stepless revolutions)
  • PW (Polarity changer)

This product is IoT compatible. learn more