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DOL motor starter

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Performance range 0.37 ... 4kW
Connection 3L+N+PE / 3L+PE
Supported motor types three-phase motor
Technology Contactor control unit
Function motor circuit breaker
Availability 2-4 days delivery time
Applications Pumps, Agitator, Conveyors, Slurry valves, float control

Simple motor start controls for small capacities

The simple motor starter controls with integrated motor guard switch is suitable for DOL starters of small motors (1..4kW).  On account of the large range of options, the controls are very versatile. The controls can be used for agitators, venbtilators,  conveyor belts, pumps, float controls etc.


  • Option PT100 motor guard
  • Option PTC motor guard
  • Option FI switch (25/40/63A)
  • Option digital timer
  • Option operational hours counter
  • Option undervoltage monitoring
  • Option manual change of direction of revolution
  • Option automatic change of direction of revolution
  • Option service box with On/Off switch
  • Option upstream motor guard for fan control
  • Option SPS with or without display for time settings/connections
  • Option integrated MiniPilot (for low-cost wireless applications)
  • Option integrated IoTPilot-Multi (switching by Smart Phone, Web-App)
  • Option integrated AgroPilot or MultiPilot switching by wireless over large distances)

This product is IoT compatible. learn more