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Wireless remote control for slurry winch

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Range unti 7km (Line of sight ), 4km (without Line of sight )
Digital outputs 14
Analog outputs 1 x 0..10V
Digital inputs 8
Analog inputs 4 x 0..10V
Input voltage 12VDC
Drive type Power take-off / Dieselaggregat
Function Remote control slurry reel / Slurry controller / Slurry pump, Liquid manure pump controller
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The Rotomax slurry winch is operated from the side of the field using a slurry pump container and has an Agropilot for communication which communicates directly with the computer unit on the slurry winch. In this way turning functions can be actuated by the slurry winch display in the tractor/hauling device and the pump container at the side of the field can be slowed down independently through lowering the revolutions for the turning manoeuvre. Using an additional AgroPilot transmitter the process can always be controlled. The AgroPilot takes over the controls and the communication of the slurry winch. With this holistic approach of the AgroPilot interfaces can be reduced and be operated quickly and efficiently. We are happy to build a custom-made solution for optimal pump operations.