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High-performance slurry pump with ProfiPilot

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Range until 5km (without line of sight)
Digital outputs 12
Digital inputs 8
Analog inputs 4 x 4..20mA,
Input voltage 12VDC

When spreading slurry, more and more efficient working with minimum personnel is required. The high-performance pumps at the manure pit or at the manure container supply the drag hose spreader, which is up to several kilometres away, with correctly dosed manure. With our ProfiPilot radio remote control, the user in the drag hose tractor can optimally monitor and operate the pump. The pump pressure, the flow rate, the condition of the diesel unit etc. are transmitted from the pump to the drag hose spreader. The user sees on the monitor the necessary forward speed for the corresponding application (m^3/ha) and can adjust his speed accordingly. In addition, he can control the speed of the pump depending on the conditions or he can have the pumping capacity regulated automatically on the basis of pressure or flow.
The radio remote control is approved for the European market and with an RF link budget of 162 dB it is unrivalled in its range (without line of sight up to 5km). The extremely sensitive radio reception of up to -135dBm is a novelty in radio technology and enables us to cover these extremely long ranges while maintaining the permitted radiated power (500mW).
The shown high performance slurry pump delivers up to 200 m^3/h with a 37kW motor. The solution allows the real 1-man spreading of liquid manure, because the drag hose distributor and the hose reel can be carried on the pump trailer and this with MFK approval.
The entire electrical and radio remote control is “made by Meier Elektronik AG”.

All the functions listed below are safely transmitted over several Kiliomter range to the pump or vice versa and executed there:

  • Switch pump on / off
  • Blowing out the lines
  • Increase / reduce speed continuously
  • Switching to pressure-controlled spreading operation
  • A maximum of three speeds can be stored and recalled
  • Display of the speed (rpm or Hz when using a frequency converter control)
  • Display of the pump pressure (bar)
  • Display of the flow rate (m^3/h)
  • Display of the spread quantity (m^3)
  • Configuration of the drag hose width and the spread rate in m^3/ha for the forward speed calculation
  • Display of the driving speed for the defined spreading rate (number m^3/ha)