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Battery-powered radio rear view camera Loading trolley

Our radio rear view camera system KameraPilot is aimed at users with a large fleet of machines or trailers, such as contractors, motor home rental companies, truck companies, vehicle manufacturers, car rental companies, etc. Since the radio rear view camera is equipped with a lithium ion battery and magnets/Velcro fasteners for mounting, the system can be used and operated on another vehicle within a few seconds. During development, special attention was paid to a large radio range (50-100m), which makes the system stand out from other commercially available wireless rear view cameras. Due to the special radio transmission protocol it is also insensitive to any Bluetooth or WLAN devices.

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Container slurry pump with AgroPilot

Container high performance pumping station for spreading the slurry from the edge of the field. The AgroPilot is not only radio remote control, but also takes over the entire automation of the plant. The AgroPilot controls the rotary and vacuum pumps as well as the compressor for blowing out and the various cylinders and sliders. In addition, the AgroPilot is used to select the four pre-set speeds and can thus optimally adapt the pumping performance to the environment. If the container level is approaching the end, the user is informed and from a certain depth the AgroPilot control system switches the pump off automatically.

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Battery powered rear view camera for caravans

ith our battery-operated rear view camera you can monitor the back of a motor home, truck or trailer while driving or manoeuvring with minimal installation effort. The system is installed and ready for use at a new location within seconds. The battery for the camera/lens is designed for approx. 20h continuous operation and can be recharged afterwards via a 230VAC or 12VDC charger.

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Wireless remote control of an intelligent car barrier

Our client was looking for a solution for safe and efficient testing of car tyres on a closed test track. To ensure that hikers or pedestrians could not interrupt the tests the test track was cordoned off with a barrier. On account of the high test speeds the barrier had to be able to be opened quickly by wireless in difficult terrain. With the help of our MultiPilot wireless remote controls fitted with a front panel mount and rechargeable battery, total automation of the barrier was achieved.

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Wireless remote controls including automation of a pump unit

Our special AgroPilot Multifunktional with integrated emergency controls is very suitable for professional slurry and water pump units. The wireless system controls and steers various sliders for evacuation of the pit or from the water connection and regulates the revolutions of the diesel unit through stepless phases. Various sensors monitor and provide information on the pump status giving the operator an optimal overview of his pump from the tractor or hauling device. Through distance monitoring of the pump unit one can evacuate the slurry or carry out irrigation independently saving both costs and time. With a special wireless system piping systems of up to 3 km are possible without having to dispense with the valuable wireless notifications. We are happy to make you a custom-built solution for optimal pump operations.

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Wireless rear view camera powered with rechargeable batteries

Our wireless rear view camera system KameraPilot is designed for users with a large machine or trailer fleet, for example, contractors, camper van rental companies, truck companies, vehicle manufacturers, car rental companies etc. As the wireless rear view camera is fitted with a lithium-iom rechargeable battery and magnets for mounting, the system can be mounted and operational within seconds on another vehicle. In design special attention was given to a large wireless range (50-100m) and this sets it significantly apart from the other commercial wireless rear view cameras. On account of the special wireless transmission protocol it is also resistant to any bluetooth or WLAN devices.

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