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Wireless remote controls including automation of a pump unit

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Range unti 7km (Line of sight ), 4km (without Line of sight )
Drive type Diesel generator
Digital outputs 38
Analog outputs 1 x 0..10V
Digital inputs 14
Analog inputs 3 x 4..20mA, 1 x 0..10V
Input voltage 12VDC
Function Pump aggregate / Liquid manure container / slurry container
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Our special AgroPilot Multifunktional with integrated emergency controls is very suitable for professional slurry and water pump units. The wireless system controls and steers various sliders for evacuation of the pit or from the water connection and regulates the revolutions of the diesel unit through stepless phases. Various sensors monitor and provide information on the pump status giving the operator an optimal overview of his pump from the tractor or hauling device. Through distance monitoring of the pump unit one can evacuate the slurry or carry out irrigation independently saving both costs and time. With a special wireless system piping systems of up to 3 km are possible without having to dispense with the valuable wireless notifications. We are happy to make you a custom-built solution for optimal pump operations.