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Battery-powered radio rear view camera Loading trolley

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Range 50-100m
Connection 12 / 24VDC
Function Rear View Camera / Monitoring system
Availability from stock (Standard) / 2-4 days delivery time (Spezial)

Our radio rear view camera system KameraPilot is aimed at users with a large fleet of machines or trailers, such as contractors, motor home rental companies, truck companies, vehicle manufacturers, car rental companies, etc. Since the radio rear view camera is equipped with a lithium ion battery and magnets/Velcro fasteners for mounting, the system can be used and operated on another vehicle within a few seconds.

During development, special attention was paid to a large radio range (50-100m), which makes the system stand out from other commercially available wireless rear view cameras. Due to the special radio transmission protocol it is also insensitive to any Bluetooth or WLAN devices.