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fully automatic pyrolysis system

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Our customer is doing pioneering work in this project. The operation of a biogas plant generates large amounts of high-temperature waste heat. Often this heat remains unused because no suitable use can be found nearby. This was also the case with our customer’s biogas plant in the past. But now he has developed a plant that uses the waste heat directly to produce valuable raw materials from wood on site. Temperatures between 300-800°C force a thermo-chemical splitting of the organic compounds in the furnace – the so-called pyrolysis. In this way, high-quality coal and other by-products can be obtained from the wood raw material.
Meier IoT provided technical support for the entire plant development. An automation system tailored to the plant was developed.
All plant values are recorded and visualised on a customer-suitable data portal, and the customer can access all plant values from all devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet). In addition, the data portal has a fault and alarm manager, which informs the customer via SMS or email as soon as something is wrong with the system.