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Star-delta motor starter

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Electrical diagram
Operating manual
Performance range 4 ... 30kW
Connection 3L+N+PE / 3L+PE
Supported motor types three-phase motor
Technology Contactor control unit
Function motor circuit breaker
Availability from stock (Standard) / 2-4 days delivery time (Spezial)
Applications Pumps, Agitator, Conveyors, Slurry valves, float control

The classic for motor start controls for medium capacities

The star-delta controls with integrated motor guard is best suited for starting mediuim capacity motors (4..30kW).  The soft starter motor controls (soft start motor starter controls) with various motor guards and monitoring functions are best suited for starting medium and large motors (4..100kW).  The large selection of options makes the controls very versatile. The controls can be used for agitators, ventilators, conveyor belts, pups, feed mixers, float controls etc.
The controls are standard equipped with 2 wireless and one Klixon connector. A Start-Hand-0-Remote switch allows for simple operation and via a reset button on the front of the casing one can reverse the motor guard if necessary. The standard controls support motor capacities from 5.5 to 18.5kW.  The nominal voltage is always activated and only through changing the thermal element can the controls be adapted to a different capacity. This allows you to reduce your stock.

The star-delta controls are available in various versions. They are ideal for controlling agitators, slurry pumps, water pumps, mixers, conveyor belts etc.

We offer the following standard versions:

  • Star-delta 5.5 – 22kW
  • Star-delta 5.5 – 22kW with integrated slider controls (slurry/water reswitching)
  • Star-delta 5.5 – 22kW with integrated electrocylinder controls (reflux On/Off)
  • Star-delta 5.5 – 22kW with integrated slider and electrocylinder controls
  • Star-delta 5.5 – 22kW with turning function for suction/pumps

All controls have a main power switch, a Start-Hand-0-Remote switch and a thermal element reset button. In addition, wireless and  Klixon connectors are standard.

We can implement further client wishes quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Option integrated slider controls for slurry/water reswitching (including wireless connection)
  • Option integrated electrocylinder controls for the reflux of slurry pumps (including wireless connection)
  • Option Remote – Time switch instead of Fk1 – Fk2
  • Option Remote – slurry removal instead of Fk1 – Fk2
  • Option External – Time instead of Fk1 – Fk2
  • Option PT100 motor guard
  • Option PTC motor guard
  • Option FI switch (25/40/63A)
  • Option digital timer
  • Option cycle relay for breaking peak power
  • Option operational hours counter
  • Option undervoltage monitoring
  • Option overvoltage monitoring, three-phase monitoring, phase loss monitoring etc.
  • Option manual change of direction of revolution
  • Option automatic change of direction of revolution
  • Option service box for On/Off switch
  • Option upstream motor guard for fan controls
  • Option SPS with or without display for time settings/connections
  • Option 3.5” touch display for parameter settings or for machine operation/emergency controls
  • Option 7” touch display for parameter settings or for machine operation/emergency controls
  • Option 12” touch display for parameter settings or for machine operation/emergency controls
  • Option integrated CoDeSys SPS (programmable logic controller) according to IEC 61131-3
  • Option integrated MiniPilot (for low-cost wireless applications)
  • Option integrated IoTPilot-Multi (switching by Smart Phone, Web-App)
  • Option integrated AgroPilot or MultiPilot switching by wireless over large distances)
  • Further options or wishes upon request
  • Rapid and cost-effective special devices
  • We optimise your control options and thus reduce your stock

This product is IoT compatible. learn more